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All the animals in the forest are abuzz. Jeannie, the kindest and most beautiful lady they know, is coming to Crab Lake for Christmas! The animals love to watch Jeannie from a distance when she visits in the summer, but they have never had a chance to talk to her before now -- for, as everyone knows, animals can only talk in the winter. This time, however, they can finally say a proper hello.

So come to Crab Lake for Christmas, and spend the evening with Jeannie and her forest friends: bear cub Pudgey and his family, kindly Mr. Woodchuck, distinguished Bellknap Beaver, and the deer, the wolves, the cardinals, and more! Beautiful illustrations by Christine Cathers Donohue bring them all to life in Jeannie’s Crab Lake Christmas, David Mulford's charming tale of friendship, family and fun.

THE CRAB LAKE BOOK SERIES: Marvel at nature's miracles, spread joy wherever you can, experience and respect the earth's infinite wonders. This is the ethos that led David Mulford to create the Crab Lake series. Explore the author’s world through Jeannie’s Crab Lake Christmas, and stay tuned for details on forthcoming titles.

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